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CuttleFish Bone
CuttleFish Bone

Cuttle Fish Bone

The fillet of the Cuttle Fish is used as food by human. The Cuttlefish bones are thrown away as waste. The bones are rich in Calcium, Phosphorus and other Minerals needed for animals.

We Collect the Cuttle Bones from the Peeling factories, Dry them under Sun in a hygienic way, Clean them manually, Trim and Polish the Bones by Emery paper, Brush and pack them for Pet food. The whole Bones of sizes 4"-10" are packed for Pet Bird / Turtle / Hermit crab / Chinchilla food.

Uses The Cuttlebones are hanged in Bird cages or kept in the tank of Turtle and it gives trace minerals to the pet. It is also used by the birds to trim their beak. It is also used as mineral diet for Hermit Crab and Chinchillas.

The broken pieces of Cuttle bones can be used for making Cuttlebone-toys for birds.